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Antpool Outdoes Foundry to Claim the Crown in November’s Bitcoin Mining Race with Highest Hashrate

The Latest Milestone in Bitcoin Mining – Antpool Surpasses Foundry

In an interesting turn of events, Antpool, a leading player in Bitcoin mining, has usurped the top position from Foundry USA in the recent hashrate race, especially throughout the month of November. Foundry USA, which was once a major force to reckon with, experienced a slight set back as the hashrate leadership shifted to Antpool. As the count of blocks mined in November stood at 4,436, Antpool claimed the success of mining 1,218, approximately 27.46% of the total global hashrate.

Antpool’s Progress Amid Foundry’s Rule

Despite Foundry’s longstanding grip on mining supremacy, Antpool quickly rose up the ranks to take the lead in terms of hashrate. This upward trend was most notable in November when Antpool managed to mine the most blocks. To put this into perspective, over three days, out of 427 blocks mined, Antpool contributed to the discovery of 126, while Foundry lagged slightly behind with a share of 114, rendering Antpool’s average three-day hashrate at 29.51% compared to Foundry’s 26.70%.

When considered for the duration of November, Antpool scored a total of 1,218 blocks, resulting in 27.46% of the total blocks mined throughout the month. Foundry was a close opponent with 1,216 blocks, making up 27.41% of the month’s total mining. Worth noting is that Antpool’s tally included 12 out of the 16 empty blocks mined in this period.

Still, in the timeline of all pooled mining achievements as documented by, Antpool ranks behind F2pool. Even with a notable history of 82,410 blocks mined by F2pool and Antpool’s count of 79,990, these shares only total to 10.06% and 9.76% of all blocks mined respectively when considered against Foundry’s output.

Despite its standing in the race of late, Foundry’s contribution cannot be undermined as it has shown immense leadership throughout 2022 and into 2023. Foundry has a substantial total block count of 30,684, contributing 3.75% of total blocks mined, giving them an edge over other mining pools such as, Braiins, Viabtc and even the no longer operational Btc Guild.

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Over the past year, Foundry managed to mine a total of 16,335 out of 53,811 blocks, accounting for 30.36% of annual mining, while Antpool successfully mined 12,041 blocks, amounting to 22.38% of the year’s total.

Isn’t it interesting how the tables turned towards Antpool during the past month? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Frequently asked Questions

1. How did Antpool surpass Foundry in the Bitcoin mining race in November?

Antpool was able to surpass Foundry in the Bitcoin mining race in November by achieving the highest hashrate. This means that Antpool’s mining operations were able to solve more complex mathematical problems, thereby confirming more transactions on the Bitcoin network and earning a higher share of newly minted bitcoins.

2. What is a hashrate and why is it important in Bitcoin mining?

Hashrate refers to the computational power or speed at which a mining device can solve complex mathematical problems and process transactions on the Bitcoin network. A higher hashrate indicates a greater chance of successfully mining bitcoins and earning rewards. It is an important metric in determining a mining pool’s competitiveness and profitability.

3. How significant is Antpool’s achievement of claiming the crown in the Bitcoin mining race?

Antpool’s claim to the crown in November’s Bitcoin mining race is significant as it reflects their ability to outperform other mining pools, including Foundry. By achieving the highest hashrate, Antpool demonstrates their dominance in the mining industry and their potential to earn a greater share of bitcoins.

4. What impact does the highest hashrate have on Antpool’s profitability?

Having the highest hashrate in the Bitcoin mining race generally translates to higher profitability for Antpool. With a higher hashrate, Antpool can confirm more transactions and earn a larger share of newly minted bitcoins as rewards. This provides them with a competitive advantage and the potential for increased profits.

5. Does Antpool’s achievement signify any changes or trends in the Bitcoin mining sector?

Antpool’s achievement of claiming the crown in November’s Bitcoin mining race indicates their ability to adapt and remain competitive in a constantly evolving industry. It showcases the importance of having advanced mining equipment and efficient operations to achieve higher hashrates. This achievement may inspire other mining pools to improve their strategies to stay competitive.

6. How does Antpool’s success impact the overall security and stability of the Bitcoin network?

Antpool’s success in achieving the highest hashrate contributes to the security and stability of the Bitcoin network. By confirming more transactions, Antpool helps to decentralize the network and reduce the risk of attacks. Additionally, their high hashrate ensures the efficient processing of transactions, enhancing the overall reliability and functionality of the Bitcoin network.

7. Will Foundry attempt to reclaim the crown in future Bitcoin mining races?

Given the competitive nature of the Bitcoin mining industry, it is likely that Foundry will make efforts to reclaim the crown in future mining races. However, this will depend on various factors such as technological upgrades, mining equipment investments, and operational efficiency. Antpool’s achievement serves as a motivation for other mining pools to strive for excellence and potentially surpass them in future races.