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About us

Welcome to Bitcode Method! We’re your friendly guide to easy trading. Powered by AI, we’re here to help both newbies and pros navigate the trading world. Join us for a trouble-free trading journey!

We are a worldwide team of passionate people. Together, we aim to shape the future of trading.

Welcome to Bitcode Method! We’re using AI to revolutionize trading. We combined expert business minds and the newest tech. We aim to make a trading platform that’s fast, accurate, and profitable.

Our team is a global group of committed professionals. They bring fresh ideas to life. We’re always striving to lead, using the newest AI and finance breakthroughs. By balancing human skill and AI power, we’re aiming to create a trading experience that’s a game-changer.

Jan 2021

Founded Bitcode Method

The Bitcode Method was created with the vision of reshaping the trading sector through the power of AI.

July 2021

Acquired $10m in Funding

Bitcode Method succeeded in securing $10 million in funding. This helps us a lot to grow.

May 2022

Beta Version Unveiled

We released the beta version of the Bitcode Method. We invited users to explore the platform and provide valuable feedback.

Dec 2022

Product Launched Worldwide

Bitcode Method has launched publicly. Truly we didn’t think that we would get this much support from our community.

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